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Factors to Consider Before Getting a Domain Name

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Domain Name

In  a world of more than 200 million registered domains, you would need a URL- Domain Name that stands out among others and clearly represents your business.

You need a URL that people would easily remember as well as rank well on google.

Its very easy to purchase and register a domain name that you will eventually close down later, most times you probably wanted a better domain name but found its already taken so you had to make do with suggested similar domain names.

You might even be tempted to buy up a domain quick before other people know about it, you might even have one domain name that you count as wasted money now.

Well go through this factors listed below before you get a domain, they are very helpful.



You sure would want a domain that people can read and pronounce without feeling awkward or stupid.

Websites like huawei.com might give people a hard time pronouncing.

If its pronounced by letters , then it shouldn’t be more than 3 letters – like olx.com, roi.com.au.

Be mindful of words and how they roll out of the tongue during pronunciation


The Brand Perspective

You would want people to know what you are about in the shortest amount of time from your domain name. You might consider calling your Blog something long, but that doesn’t mean the URL should sound long too.

If you are selling cheap cars in Nigeria, try a domain like= cheapcars.ng not buyandsellcheapcarsinnigeria.com.

This is so wrong on every standards. The URL should be short, concise, sharp and straight to the point, see it as an online business card.

Disregard unnecessary information.



You want a domain that is easy to read, simple to spell and easy to remember.

Create a very simple domain name with no much letters. A domain that is easily memorable and people can remember off by heart. A domain people can spell easily without necessarily having to guess the letters. a domain with no phonetic bits to confuse the ears, something people can pronounce and recognize easily.


Domain Extensions

By extensions we mean .com. .co. .ng

Now there a whole lot of this extensions and you might need to choose an extension that suits your business or the service you provide in your website.

Newer ones include .info, .biz, .shop, you can see the full list here.

Always keep in mind that peoples mind would automatically revert to .com at the end of a domain so you should put this in consideration when choosing and registering a domain name


Be Unique

Oh yes, you want to be unique. You dont want to have a URL similar to another domain name. It kills the uniqueness and confuses visitors. Imagine this two domains- livescores.com and livescore.com. They would confuse visitors definitely, a visitor would misspell one for the other, which is why the owners have both domain names pointing to one website.

You should also google the domain name to avoid copyright infringement and attract legal suits.


Copyright and Trademark

Always check, check and recheck the domain name before actually buying it. There may be people using the name already on a blog but are yet to buy the domain. You might actually be infringing on a copyrighted name and hence bring about law suits, headache, loss of domain and money.

It pays to be on the safe side here by asking questions though the copyright laws on domain names and intellectual property are not really strong in Nigeria.

SEO and Keywords

You should choose a website name that will rank well with google. People always search google daily for information on various things on the internet. Now you will need to include certain keywords in your URL so that they will appear among the search results when people search for an information related to your business.

If your URL has no bearing with the actual content in your website, then it might not be among the top search results when users search for information on a particular niche or topic. It should not be boring and also not too clever or funny.

You need to strike a balance between the two.

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