Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria.

Buy Sell Bitcoins– Nigeria

I hope you have already understood what bitcoins is all about. I humbly advise you click here and read up all about Bitcoins.

Before reading, i also hope you already have a bitcoin wallet and understand what cryptocurrency is all about in general.

In this post we are going to talk about how you can buy bitcoins in Nigeria and as a Nigerian and also as a beginner.

Now there are a whole lot of restrictions placed on you as a Nigerian in the offline world. This restrictions also expanded into the online world , many online institutions wont allow you participate once you are from Nigerian such as paypal, this unfair practice can also be found in big online bitcoin institutions such as coinbase, etc. where you will be told you aren’t eligible to purchase or trade coins just because you are a Nigerian.

Its really disheartening and discouraging not being able to buy bitcoins from most legit bitcoin exchangers as they just dont and wont sell to Nigerians.

Well, that’s all in the past as we now have exchanger institutions that support Nigerian traders.

Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria


No 1 place to buy and sell bitcoins in Nigeria is localbitcoins

Its the number 1 market place where buyer meets seller and very easy to participate.

You just register,fund your wallet and get to either buying and selling.

Watch this short video to understand how it works and how to access the website

To learn more about buying on localbitcoins, CLICK here

Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria


Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

This south african based company is another nice place to buy and sell bitcoins in Nigeria. Unlike localbitcoins, you don’t have to go through the process of deciding on whom to buy from, everything is automated,Sellers log on and register, list the bitcoins they have for sale and ask for a certain price, while buyers log on, register , fund their account with the fiat currency – NAIRA and then bid for a certain price of their choice.

It is just like the traditional auction ground.


John has 1 bitcoin he wants to sell, so he registers on luno, creates a free wallet and sends the 1 bitcoin to luno.

Then he creates a trade where he asks for N30 for his 1bitcoin.

Also Jude has N30 and wants to buy 1 bitcoin, so he logs on and registers a free account with luno, then funds his account on luno with N30 and bids to buy 1 bitcoin for N30.

Luno now collects Judes N30 and gives to John , at the same time they also collect John’s 1 bitcoin and give to Jude who paid for it.

To learn more about buying on Luno, please CLICK HERE


Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

If you are the type that wants to just save your self the stress of watching and monitoring the market trade and just wants to purchase bitcoins with your credit or debit cards, then cex.io is the place for you.

It provides you with the ability to buy bitcoins from the comfort of your room with a debit card. Very simple and straightforward. Once you are verified, you can go ahead and purchase straight to your wallet.

The only downside here is that they normally charge more than the normal price, for example, if the normal price of 1 bitcoin to naira is$4,000 , theirs will be $4,300.

To learn more about buying on Cex.io, please CLICK HERE

Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

Other trusted websites are

Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

Remember that i also buy and sell Bitcoins, send me a mail lets deal- admin@sillyprofits.com or call 07033030399

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