Bitcoin Predictions come true

Bitcoin Predictions
Firstly learn that no one can ever predict Bitcoin, we can only make premonitions and assumptions but we can never make an accurate assumption of what and how bitcoin will fare in the years to come because it is not mathematics or statistics that we can measure with graph work or permutations.
But then , something happened out of the ordinary.
My Bitcoin Predictions come true
I made a post on my wall some days ago on 1st of september, 2017.
You can read up the full details here  on how my Bitcoin Predictions come true
I said bitcoin might reach an all time high of $5000 and it definitely did.
Bitcoin hit a new all time high of $5000, suprising naysayers and plunging the cryptosphere into a new world of possibilities.
All time high means the highest value it has ever attained in history, hence it broke that barrier on the 3rd of November hitting a whooping $5,016 on major asian exchanges.
I also said it would test this price of $5000 and then loose value immediately in order to correct, which it did too, well other factors where also in play.
China banned ICOS(initial coin offerings) , a move that sent the price of Bitcoin tumbling down and loosing tremendous price.
We don’t know when next it would reach $5000, but what we do know is that it is capable of reaching that height and the next time it would reach that price, it would exceed it and might shoot for $5,500.
Well this are my two cents
I am also looking at it not going below $4,000 as that would be the support level, so if you are looking at buying, I think now 5th of September, 2017 would be a perfect time for stocking up.
If you dont know any thing about bitcoin and how to invest, buy and when to sell or trade?
You can write me back and I would definitely answer you back as soon as I have the right answers.
I know you are still confused and don’t know where to start, I was at first, but with time it all started making sense, nights of researches and following tweets, reading insider posts on wall street journals and silk roads made it worth the while.
You might not have time to read up all this due to your busy schedule, which is why I have taken my time to do a video on the A to Z of Bitcoins. CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE
If you have any findings of your own, that you wish to share, please feel free to write me immediately.
I have to go now and start reading the charts, they are fun to follow within this particular time of the market.
P.s- Some sources say there is always a dip in the value of Bitcoins around this time of the year. All are speculations and predictions, nothing is 100% accurate.

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