9 Social Media Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid

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Social media marketing is one currently one of the fastest ways of growing a business online today. It is highly recommended for faster outreach to the huge audience on social media.


But then so many beginners make some eye-catchy mistakes on their social media account that affects their chances of growing their businesses online using social media as a tool.

So, in this article, I’ll just list out the 9 Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Social Media account if you ever plan on making serious earnings from it…


  1. Failure to identify an audience on social media….

    social media Marketing plan toon

    This is usually the most common mistakes you’ll make as a beginner. The earlier you identify and root out this growth-hindering mistake the faster your online business climbs and the stronger your online presence becomes.

    There are basic questions you should ask yourself as you take your business online using social media as a platform. These questions will help you identify and make you consciously aware of whom your posts and services on social media is targeted to.

    Before you start on with social media marketing, I think it would be extremely beneficial for you if you identify your audience by asking yourself simple questions such as:

    • Who and who are my services and message on social media meant for (answer this in about one or two sentences)
    • Are they males or females?
    • Is age a barrier to what I’m offering (if yes, what age bracket do you intend to focus on)
    • What’s their Location & Language (cliché, local expressions…how you communicate with them)

    Answering these easy questions will most def help you spot and easily identify your audience on social media even before you make your first post.

  2. Having lots of social media accounts….

    too much social media accounts
    This is another rookie mistake to avoid when running a business on social media. Dispersing your attention on a million things at a time will only decrease your efficiency.

    I mean, have you gone back to take a new look at that new year resolution you made earlier this?

    I guess lots of them are still unchecked and the year is almost up. That’s pretty much the same thing with handling lots of social media accounts at once.

    You end up doing nothing!

    You need to concentrate your energy on one task at a time if you expect to have any immediate and long lasting effect while running a business on social media.


    Here is what I mean…

    Creating a formidable social media presence takes time and an impressive consistency. Do not disperse your energy on too many things at once. Work with one or two social media platform as against having an inactive Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account.

    Seriously, if you want to see an almost automatic increase on your social media account you only need a few of them…then as you make your posts link and intertwine the messages on the two social media accounts.

    Social media is the new trend. Don’t underestimate it. Get serious with one…or two.

  3. Having no plan for social media marketing… Posting randomly without a clear strategy…

    social media comic


    Like I said in the first point, you need a plan if you want a dominating growth in your social media presence. Having a plan makes the journey easy and almost hitch-free.

    Research has shown that Tuesday evenings are a bad time to post on Facebook for online social media businesses…posts get about 45% less shares and interactions.

    There are particular days and times of the week when  your posts stands a higher chance of getting interactions from your audience as against other times of the day on social media.

    Another example is—having no initial plan of monetizing your account. This is a problem most people experience when starting out. You will have an extremely harder time trying to convert a cold prospect to a paying customer if you don’t create posts that directs them to take a purchasing action.

    I think it’s easier to have a plan when you get started. Because people will always follow a leader who seems to have a plan… even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing on social media.

    Don’t get scared. Lol, just have a plan.




  4. Paying too much attention on likes and followers than providing quality… 

    social media followers


    Most people relate a huge social media followership to success or fame in real life.

    It’s called the power of the Crowd Effect.

    Having 1 million followers on your page doesn’t always translate to profits…especially if you paid to have your (fake) followers.

    It’s okay if you grow your audience using tricks and bots. It’ll get you enormous (fake) likes but not necessarily more income.

    Paying too much attention on likes and followers will always derail your attention from your major goal which is—social media marketing as a beginner. It will make your posts and sales pitch shallow and your social media page will be filled with uninterested followers.

    I once had an email subscriber list of less than 3,700 and still made a cool 6-figures from that single list per month even without active ads.

    It’s a game of numbers but strive for quality over quantity.

  5. Posting too much or too little.

    You should know what works best for your audience. Note that you must always keep in touch with them by posting frequently in other to keep your subscribers or social media audience from forgetting you.

    At the same time, you should know when you have put out a little too much contents on your social media page.

    You want to be consistent with your message and posts but you shouldn’t come out all salesy and with zero quality content.

    But then, posting too much is the lesser of the two sins.

  6. Forgetting to have fun…

    Online business NigeriaYou have to be relaxed and have as much fun as you can on your social media account. You posts should be more of an ‘info-tainment’ than plain strict education.

    Humor is good for the heart…if you know how to blend it in perfectly and still maintain the theme of your message.






  7. Ignoring other online business or pages on social media…

    Get to reference other social media influencers withing the same niche once in a while. They are obviously BIG for a reason. And if you can feature them on your social media page please do.

    The knowledge gained from such interaction will always help you in more than just growing your social media presence but you also get to have the opportunity of learning firsthand…and also helps you avoid some expensive mistakes.

    Reach out to other influncers and authorities in the same niche as you.

  8. Ignoring analytics and measurements…social media marketing bs

    To know what works for your social media page, you need to pay attention to the analytics, metrics and measurements.

    You have to know for sure how much reaction or how much effect every new social media marketing test you run has on your online business page. Please, don’t leave this to chance.

    Pay attention to what works as you go…then optimize on the most effective tactics. This automatically means you’ll pay less attention and spend less money on the less effective angles on your social media accounts.

    Sometimes a quick glance on your dashboard will present these metrics in a chart for you to access swiftly. Keep your eyes on that dashboard.

  9. Blocking out criticism…

    Lol. Okay, this is one mistake almost everyone will make when ruining running their social media business page.

    People rarely cope with criticism, so, it’s okay if you feel slighted and wish to delete negative comments on your page…especially if you really put in sincere effort and time into whatever post is getting criticized.

    Its normal. No one loves criticism… but that shouldn’t be your main focus.

    Remember that your goal is to grow your business using social media and that also involves making better ways of handling conflicts and criticism too.

    Yes, we all know how hard it is to ignore a ‘hater’ online but then experience has taught me to agree with readers first before giving further clarifications when handling critics on my social media page.

    I don’t know how true this statement is but hey… it is said that your most unhappy customers (or followers) are your greatest source of learning

    So, if you are bent on cultivating a MASSIVE presence online you need to learn how to handle criticism instead of blocking it out.

    Be thankful to customers who complain it means they actually love you or what your business offers enough to point our areas that need to be improved. The reason you should be thankful to customers who complain or criticize is because a lot of customers will simply walk away (or unsubscribe) as soon as they don’t get satisfied with your products online.




So, in conclusion, it is best to focus on the most essential parts of growing your business on social media; ignore the little things that don’t really matter and always remember that everyone makes mistakes too.

It will happen. Be prepared and don’t take it too hard on yourself.

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