5 Steps to Starting a Blog

If you are looking at starting a blog and looking for directions, then you are in the right place. There are a couple of things you need to start and learn especially for pre- bloggers who are new in the blogosphere.

There are many reasons why you need to own a blog and in this post i am going to take you by the hand and walk you through the basics of blogging and letting the internet hear your voice.

The main Problem facing new bloggers are always the problem of HOW TO START??

Join me as we demystify blogging.


  1. Choose a Blogging platform

  2. Choose a Domain Name/ Host

  3. Configure your Blog

  4. Design Your Blog

  5. Content Creation

We are going to look at this steps one by one. We are confident that the Steps listed above would surely guide and show you the right pointers towards being a successful blogger.


Step 1. Choosing a Blogging Platform

Blogging simply means being able to discuss and tell stories as well as push those stories online to be viewed by millions of users on the internet.

To start a blog, you will need a tool- a platform that will help you publish your content on the internet.

Out of the so many available platforms, i would not waste time in pointing out the best- “Word press”. Not mincing words here, its by far the most popular platform for bloggers

No need beating around the bush, this platform has stood the test of time and i would recommend you register and set up your blog on wordpress.org site.


Why word press is good for blogging

  • Why are we so confident in WordPress, why is it the selected choice of platform for bloggers?
  • The fact that it has been downloaded by approximately 75 million websites goes a long way to say how popular and good it is
  • Its damn easy to use. Yes, you could be up and going in no distant time.
  • Its free to use and install. although you will pay a little fee for domain name and hosting.(would talk on that later on)
  • Its been running for years and has a strong and robust security system.
  • Has so many developers and designers working on it and providing solutions making blogging easier and with more user friendly platforms.

WordPress offers 2 tools

WordPress.com – Where they register your domain name for you and also host free for you as well as taking care of your back end for you while you only pay when you want to upgrade to some certain elements that are on the premium version.

WordPress,org – Where you have full access to your domain name and also host your own blog on your own server. Completely free to use and you just have to arrange for domain and hosting from a 3rd party.


My advise is to go for the later- WordPress.org, because in WordPress.com, you dont really have full access to some features due to the fact that you arent paying,you have a lesser control of the website design and you cant even monetize your blog. You cant have people pay you for a product or service or even subscribe to ad words.

While in WordPress.org, you can easily design your website, the way you want, install and play around with various plugins that are free, monetize your website as well as pay cheaper.

I know many of you would be looking at starting a website and blogging for free without paying any fee at all and would be disappointed with my pick of- WordPress.org, but trust me, follow my advice and invest a little in WordPress.org and you will not regret it afterwards.

I will elaborate on the expense below and you will see its not even much.


Step 2: Choosing Your Domain Name/Host

I recommend using Interserver for your Domain Name and Hosting

Choose a Domain

For this step of blogging, you need to get a domain name(your blogs address) just like we do here, ours is sillyprofits.com. You need to create a custom name for your domain and create a home online.

Before choosing a Domain, you might want to consider these 4 factors

  • Legal Perspective- Copyright laws and trademark infringements.
  • Readability
  • Seo
  • Uniqueness

We took time and explained this factors here- Factors to consider before getting a domain name.

I suggest going through this post before you get a domain name- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Depending on where you get your domain, you might have to pay a few dollars a year for maintaining it.

So you choose a custom name you want for your domain name and then log into Interserver and then register/purchase this domain in very simple steps.

They even created a video to show you how to purchase and register your new domain name.

How do I Register a Domain Name?

You may refer the following video tutorial or read further.


The step by step instruction to register a new domain is given below. Please follow the guide.

1) Go to the domains section from your portal at https://my.interserver.net



Now, after clicking on the “View Domains”, you will get a screen displaying the information about the domains you have with InterServer. There you can click on the “Order Domain” button to place a new domain order.



This button will lead you to the next page where you can search for the domain names to see if it is available. You can also see the suggestions with different tlds (extensions). This will help you to find an alternative if the domain you are looking for is already purchased.

2) Start Registration

If the domain is available to purchase, there will be a link “Register” next to the domain name. You need to click on it and it.



When you click on the “Register” link, it will lead you to the next page, where you can provide the personal details on the form in it.

3) Provide the personal information



In this page, you can provide the details like your email, name, address, country, etc. After providing the required information, you need to click on the button “Place Order” to finish the process.


How do I Transfer a Domain Name?

If the domain you are looking for is an existing one, you could transfer the domain to InterServer. To transfer a domain to InterServer, please follow the below instructions.

1) Please perform the actions in Step 1 in the above registration process and then follow the below instructions.

2) Start the Transfer

Now, you have clicked on the “Order Domain” button and located your domain. Now you can find a link “Already own it, transfer?” next to the domain name. You need to click on the link “transfer” as shown in the below figure.



This link will lead you to the next page with a form in it. You need to fill the fields, asking for your personal information.

3) Provide the personal Information

Please provide the details and click on “Place Order” button as shown in the figure when it is finished.



These are the steps to register/transfer a domain name with InterServer.


Step 3: Set up your Blog Hosting using Interserver

I assume you are done with domain registration and you currently have a domain name that belongs to you. The next step is hosting this domain name on a server and then installing word press as the platform to communicate to the web.

You can trust interserver on providing you with one of the best hosting plans on the internet.

Special Offer for Sillyprofit.com Readers: As I write this article, interserver have an offer exclusive to Sillyprofits.com readers to get set up for just $ 0.01 USD for the first month . This is a 99% saving.

You can always cancel the plan if you aren’t satisfied as you are just billed monthly.



Lets set up your Blog

If you have gone with interserver as your preferred domain hosts, then installing WordPress is super  easy.

After hosting on Interserver , you will have access to the cPanel through softaculous.

Install WordPress using Softaculous in cPanel in 6 simple steps

We can install WordPress using Softaculous. With the help of Softaculous we can install WordPress with only a couple of clicks.


Step 1:

Login to cPanel and go to “Software/Services” section where we can see “Softaculous” option.


Step 2:

Click on the Softaculous option and it will direct you to Softaculous page and here we can see a lots of software and scripts. Usually WordPress will be there in the Softaculous home page “Top Scripts”




If it is not listed under Top Scripts section, then click on “Blogs” section listed on the left panel and you can see WordPress listing there as showing below.




Step 3:

Click on “WordPress” and it will direct you to the WordPress installation page. Then click “Install”




Step 4:

Now we can see option to Database settings, Site settings, Admin account settings etc. Add your site details here.



Step 5:

Once added the mentioned details scroll down and you can see “Advanced Options”. This one of the outstanding features of Softaculous. We can use the option to Auto upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes. Also with the help of “Automated Backups” option we can take backups daily, weekly or monthly.

Last option in this category is “Backup Rotation”. This also a good feature, we can keep up to 10 backups. If it reach the rotation limit then Softaculous will auto delete the oldest backup and create new backup.




Step 6:

Another feature of Softaculous is an option to select themes before installation. This is an optional feature and if not selected default theme will be installed. Select any desired theme and finally click “Install”.



Now wait and you will get the following message once the installation completed.

“Congratulations, the software was installed successfully”.

If you have any trouble during this process, they have a live chat support system which enables you to ask questions of their support team.

I did a practical video guide from scratch where I illustrated everything listed above breaking it down so you will understand it, You can CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS

Once you’ve completed this process, you now have a WordPress blog installed! You started a blog! Congratulations – you’re almost there!

Step 4 : Design Your Blog

If this is your first time at using WordPress, its okay to  be confused and staring at your dashboard.

Dont worry, we will work you though the steps to getting started and the basics of setting up your WordPress

We have a video created that touches every aspect of setting up and designing the WordPress.

Before downloading the videos, we suggest that you read our post on “factors to consider before getting a domain name” so you had be brought up to speed.

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