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    Why the Bitcoin Price is different in different countries

    Why the Bitcoin Price is different in different countries As bitcoin continues to get adopted and the price increases, more and more people always come up with the question of why the price differs in so many countries. This is caused and affected by many factors but before we will review this causes, its pertinent […]

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    You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin.

    You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin.   The common misconception around bitcoins for beginners is that you need to buy up to 1 bitcoin. Well that is not entirely true, Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency which is practically and infinitely divisible and can be sold and bought in the smallest of fractions. […]

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    Podcast 3- Bitcoin Investment Strategies

    Bitcoin Investment Strategies   Investing in Bitcoins might be very tricky. In this episode, i am going to be talking about strategies you can employ and perfect how much you invest in bitcoins without loosing out on the trend. This strategy has helped me a lot as well as other well known crypotraders. Well, in […]

  • Bitcoin Price Calculation


    How the price of Bitcoin is calculated

    HOW THE PRICE OF BITCOIN IS CALCULATED? Many questions you might want to ask and know as a newbie may be- Bitcoin Price Calculation It is important to remember and take into consideration that it works no different from other products and local currencies like the naira and the usd.   For example, lets consider […]

  • Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria


    Buy Sell Bitcoins- Nigeria

    How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Nigeria. Buy Sell Bitcoins– Nigeria I hope you have already understood what bitcoins is all about. I humbly advise you click here and read up all about Bitcoins. Before reading, i also hope you already have a bitcoin wallet and understand what cryptocurrency is all about in general. […]

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    Bitcoin Predictions come true

    Bitcoin Predictions Firstly learn that no one can ever predict Bitcoin, we can only make premonitions and assumptions but we can never make an accurate assumption of what and how bitcoin will fare in the years to come because it is not mathematics or statistics that we can measure with graph work or permutations. But […]