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    Types of Bitcoin Wallets- Blockchain

    Types of Bitcoin wallets- blockchain Bitcoin Wallet- First things first, you dont have to keep saving money before you buy a whole bitcoin, no, you can buy in fractions as low as you can afford, that being said, lets proceed. Bitcoin is a digital currency as you already know by now and the wallets are […]

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    How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet

    How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet Now this has to be the one of the easiest thing to do. Bitcoins are one of the easiest digital currencies to own as a Nigerian. You can create a wallet by simply going to the websites and following instructions, its a do it yourself and very easy to […]

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    WHAT IS THE BLOCKCHAIN What is the blockchain? That’s actually a good question isn’t it – well in this episode I’ll be explaining more about what the blockchain actually is, so you do understand at more than just surface level. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO LISTEN TO PODCAST Download here ?Very First Bitcoin Transaction Bitcoin […]

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    What is cryptocurrency and how to profit from it

    What is Cryptocurrency In this episode, i want to take my time and explain to you in details what cryptocurrency is all about, the characteristics of various cryptocurrencies and how they operate. Its going to be short and precise. Please listen and share your views, you can also ask questions where you feel confused. Holla! […]